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Training and Education
In our ever changing fast paced world, keeping up with technology is sometimes more of a chore than a recreation. That is why we offer training on the latest computer technology. We offer training either individually or in a group on a wide assortment of Microsoft products. The products range from Windows basics, to using Microsoft office. We also offer training on a number of programming languages.

Microsoft Windows
  Windows Basics - navigation, opening and running programs
  Windows Mid-Level - Configuration settings, printers, networking
  Windows Advanced - backing up/restoring, installing and using software, fixing problems

Microsoft Office Suite
  Microsoft Word - Creating documents, mail merges, formatting
  Microsoft Excel - Creating documents, file formats, formulas
  Microsoft Powerpoint - Creating presentations

  Oracle Database - Installing, configuring, performance tuning a database
  SQL Server - Installing, configuring, performance tuning a database
  Microsoft Access - Scripting, maitenance

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Our Other Services Include:
   Software Design / Web Design / Databases / Networking / Troubleshooting
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