Online Calendar Scheduling Software
Online signature capture software available for your website, android or iPhone.

Now there is a simple online customizable calendar for your business.

This simple, easy to use calendar allows a user to schedule an appointment and receive an email confirmation. You can define multiple calendars for different companies and employees. The colors are fully adjustable. We also can provide a quote to tailor this for your specific business need since everyone has different businesses ideas and concepts. Visitors looking to make appoints can see open slots and schedule an appointment based on what is available.

Below is a demo calendar where you can try out and schedule and appointment:

(use scrollbar to see full calendar)

Online Calendar Features
Setup Different Businesses  Setup Different Businesses
Setup Employees Per Business  Setup Employees Per Business
Simple Navigation Buttons  Simple Navigation Buttons
Scrollable Daily Bookings  Scrollable Daily Bookings
Simple On Screen Scheduling  Simple On Screen Scheduling
Ability to Assign Blockout Dates  Ability to Assign Blockout Dates
Define Daily Start/End Time  Define Daily Start/End Time
Define Daily Increments  Define Daily Increments
Simple Color Coded Booked Days  Simple Color Coded Booked Days
Define Background Colors  Define Background Colors
Define Month Header Colors  Define Month Header Colors
Define Gridline Colors  Define Gridline Colors
Inactive Month Colors  Inactive Month Colors
Email Confirmation  Email Confirmation
Activate/Inactive Calendar  Activate/Inactive Calendar
Appointment Reports  Appointment Reports
Viewable on Mobile Devices  Viewable on Mobile Devices

Online Calendar Scheduling Software

Report Features
Search by Date Range  Search by Date Range
Search by Company  Search by Company
Search by Employee  Search by Employee
Filter by Email  Filter by Email
Shows Pending Reservations  Shows Pending Reservations
Shows Confirmed Reservations  Shows Confirmed Reservations
Shows Cancelled Reservations  Shows Cancelled Reservations

We can tailor this calendar to meet you specific business needs. This will be included as a separate quote in addition to the calendar software.

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