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What is an ecommerce online store?
  Ecommerce, (electronic commerce) consists of the buying and selling of products or services electronically, more specifically over the Internet. Within the past 10 years the amount of transactions conducted electronically has grown exponentially over the web. Websites such as amazon.com, ebay.com, macys.com are all examples of an ecommerce online store. What we do is specialize in developing these type of online stores for both the big business with thousands of products to the small business with only a few hundred products (or less).

What steps do we take to create an ecommerce online store?
  Analyze Your Business - We analyze the size of your business and the number and types of products you will be looking to sell online. Are you going to be selling thousands of products or only a few hundred or less? Are there going to be different sub-categories for each product? Are there going to be different sizes, shapes, colors? These all play into consideration when doing an overview of the type of online store you are looking to setup.

  Map Out and Design Site - Next, we map out the website and style of shopping cart that will best match your business needs. This includes the graphic design work, layout, look and feel.

  Choose the Right Payment Processor - Once we have the style of shopping cart and know how your site is going to look, the next step is to choose the right payment processor and/or hosting company. We specialize in a variety of shopping cart formats and choosing the correct one for your business is key. Some processors are more cost effective than others and are easier to manage. Some businesses may want their own specific checkout customized.

Choosing the right ecommerce payment processor for you:
  PayPal Checkout - This is the simplest and least expensive checkout method. I recommend using this for small # of items. You only get charged if a transaction takes place. It doesn't have all the fancy order sales tools but it also isn't expensive to setup, run and maintain.

  Yahoo Merchant Solutions - This solution is flexible but also not flexible, cost effective, used for a medium amount of items. It requires program work for a back end but you also have an order information and sales summary at your disposal. It uses has a lot of features already built in to its system and the price is not bad to work with.

  Authorize.net Payment Gateway/Customized Cart - This can be used for a complete custom cart, a lot of items, a J.C. Penney's style of store, or to sell irregular items like Ticketmaster.com. With this style the shopping cart it will be completely customized for your specific needs, including checkout, shipping, and order tracking.

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