Small Business Networking, Computer Troubleshooting

What is computer networking?
  A computer network, or simply a network, is a collection of computers and other hardware interconnected by communication channels like switches, routers and hubs that allow sharing and transfer of resources and information. Computer troubleshooting on the other hand is the attempt to solve a computer or computer network related issue that is not functioning properly as intended. Sometimes the issue may be hardware related, and sometimes it may be software related.

   To get started we would diagnose the issue and provide a detailed plan to solve any computer network issues. When working with networks we also consider the possibility of having different version operating system running on it. Other computer network issues may involve computer security, anti-virus software, slow computers and 3rd party programs causing network disruption or not working. We attempt to narrow down the problem, isolate and solve the issue at hand.

Specializing in the following Systems:
  Microsoft DOS
  Microsoft Windows 3.1
  Microsoft Windows NT 4
  Microsoft Windows 95
  Microsoft Windows 98
  Microsoft Windows 2000
  Microsoft Windows ME
  Microsoft Windows XP
  Microsoft Windows 7
  Microsoft Windows 8
  Microsoft Windows 10
  Android Tablets

Specializing in the following areas:
  Installing / Configuring / Maintaining a Company Network
   Implementing security over a network
   Upgrading a Microsoft operating systems with newer operating system
   Providing disaster recovery/Redundency to a network
   Installing software applications either locally or over the network
   Installing printers, printer drivers and other peripherals over the network
   Integrating Latest Wireless Technology including Hubs, Range Expanders/Print Servers

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Additional Services:

   Databases / Mobile Apps / Software Design / Training / Web Design / Web Hosting

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