GIC Software for the Financial Industry
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Now there is a simple software package for the GIC financial industry.

Portfolio Manager is a simple, easy to use program that allows you to maintain clients and their financial portfolio and run a variety of reports. You can enter multiple portfolio items per client and totals are broken down. It also has a summary/detailed report and a maturity date report.

Below is a screen shot of several Portfolio Manager screens:
portfolio manager main screen (click to see full image)
(pinch to zoom image)

This screen is the main screen. It allows you to take sales orders and navigate throughout other sections of the program. This can be done using the ease of use keyboard. You can break down each item into sub-accounts as well. Let say, you have several children and each has a portfolio under your name, this software allows you to group them and break it down on the screen and report.

In this example: Jen Alfred, Jim Alfred, and John Alfred are children/relatives of Daniel Alfred however the entire portfolio account belongs to Daniel Alfred.

Portfolio Manager Features
Maintain Client Names  Maintain Client Names
Maintain Portfolio Types  Maintain Portfolio Types
Sub-Accounts  Sub-Accounts
Financial Instutions  Financial Instutions
Purchase Dates  Purchase Dates
Account #  Account #
System Portfolio Totals  System Portfolio Totals
Maturity Date Reports  Maturity Date Reports
Maturity Value  Maturity Value
Current Value  Current Value
Payout  Payout
Change Current Date  Change Current Date
Summary Portfolio Report  Summary Portfolio Report
Detailed Portfolio Report  Detailed Portfolio Report
Term Length  Term Length
Amount Investment  Amount Investment
Export Data to Excel CSV  Export Data to Excel CSV
Maturity Date  Maturity Date
Annual Earnings  Annual Earnings

Add/Edit Portfolio Item Screen
Add/Edit Portfolio Item Screen
(pinch to zoom image)

This screen allow you to enter portfolio line items. You have several fields to complete: Purchase Date, Portfolio GIC Type, Sub-Account, Financial Institution, Account #, Term, Amount Invested, Interest, Payout, Maturity Date

From these fields the Annual Earnings, Maturity Value, Current Value will be calculated.

Click the "i" button at the top right to see the detailed calculations

Detailed Calculation Screen
Detailed Calculation Screen
(pinch to zoom image)
Once you enter a portfolio item and a term length and save it, click the info button to see a year by year breakdown calculation of the value of portfolio item. Very useful when clients want to know how much a particular item will be worth after a given time.

This screen provides a very good self checking mechanism to verify the calculations are correct. There is nothing better than to show the math broken down for clarity.

Portfolio Summary/Detail Report
Portfolio Summary/Detail Report
(pinch to zoom image)

Above is a preview/print summary report for Daniel Alfred that shows all his accounts and the current value of his portfolio. It is grouped by portfolio type and sub account. There are additional page that will also show the details of each portfolio type/sub-account combination.

We can also provide additional software customizations to suit your needs with Portfolio Manager.
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