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I never thought I would be writing this article. For years, and I mean years, the only way you would bring video, multimedia, gaming and animation to the internet was from a program called Flash Player. Nothing was even close to this technology. Flash was owned by a company called MacroMedia. Flash website animation was synonymous with peanut butter and jelly.

They had a entire suite of products dedicated to animation and design. Flash content was on mostly 80% of websites, 100% of gaming websites and video websites even on websites like It was so far ahead of its time that to me and others it was the future.

Then something happened. Adobe bought Macromedia. For a while after that, everything was working even better than before Adobe released Flash CS3 and it was rich in features. It also looked like it was going to be on Google TV. But then vendors like Apple would disallow it on their iOS for one reason or another. Apple complained that Adobe's software was proprietary and not "Open". However, neither is Apple's operating system and eco-system. So that is like calling the kettle black.

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Instead of working with mobile vendors like Apple and Google, Adobe did nothing to fix their security issues and/or make it easier to work with mobile platform. Well you may say that Flash is an outdated technology. I say the only reason it is outdated is because Adobe didn't modernize it, update it to work on mobile or make deals with the browser vendors. Therefore as a result, we now have a problem. All the major web browser's decided to team up and said, lets kick Adobe Flash off the internet forcing Adobe Flash into retirement by announcing the end of life in July 2017.

converting adobe flash to html5

How I think this happened was before they formed this united front against Adobe Flash when HTML5 was being created, the web browser vendor's said lets look at what Flash did, how it worked, add this to HTML4 and call it HTML5. They also said, lets also make sure it works on mobile devices.

However, while this was going on, Flash applications were continuing to being created every day at an alarming rate all over the web. This now creates a big problem with all these existing Flash applications and fantastic online games are about to go extinct unless they are converted over to HTML5.

Am I surprised, yes. Should I have been surprised, no.

So here we are. The end date of Adobe Flash 12/31/2020. Flash files (SWF) will no longer work on the web. There are hundred of thousands of games, animations, school courses, presentations that will disappear unless they are converted

Here is what we do to convert your Flash project:

1. Review the project - see what the project entails, how many screens, animations and graphics, sounds that are involved.

2. Work up possible solutions - Adobe does have a Flash to HTML5 converter but it is less than perfect. In fact you will be lucky if it works at all. If it does, it will create an UN-streamlined list of libraries that are unnecessary and forces you to only use their Animate CC (rebranded Flash) to get it to work. But if it works, great, we can use it. It would save time and money.

3. Re-create what you need - We have our own streamlined JavaScript libraries to make your Adobe Flash project conversion as neat and clean as possible. We use only what is needed for your project.

4. Simplicity - We create a nice collage of your images and use this as a template on what to and what not to display. The same goes for the sound.

5. Mobile - we make sure the new HTML5 project works on mobile devices like Android, iPad, iPhone, Tablets. HTML5 was designed with this in mind.

6. Secure the HTML5 Project - once complete, we have the means to secure the HTML5 project so that it is a lot more of a pain for someone to steal it. It is not full proof but it helps.

So feel free to contact us for a quote to convert your Flash project.

Time is ticking away to 12/31/2020,

Click here to read an article I created in 2012. Back then Flash technologically was way ahead of HTML5 as far as performance, I thought they would find a way to keep going but apparently not.

Please feel free to visit our home page or our online game section. These just 2 years ago were 100% Flash and now they are fully 100% HTML5.

In conclusion: just like the horse and buggy, VHS tapes, Blockbuster Video, Tower Records the world will move on ... so will the internet without Adobe Flash.