ArticlesHow to Promote and Market Your Website

After putting in all that effort to perfecting your website, you are finally ready to put it to use selling services or products. You are now looking at the fruits of your labor, all those codes and pixels working together to make your website dreams come true. Now what? Making a website is the easy part. Now you have to focus on how to market and promote your site to get your brand out there. This is no easy task, nor is it an inexpensive one. Knowing how to market and promote your website can make every penny worth it.

I have outlined a few key ways to promote and market your brand new website.
Pay Per Click advertising is an easy to understand process. Businesses are able to purchase ad listings in their search results on sites like Google and Bing. These are placed in a naturally located spot among the other search listings. These are sold in an auction like scenario with the highest bidder having the most chance of winning the top spot on the search engine. Every time a visitor clicks on your ad, you will have to pay an amount per click. This can add up the more people that click on your link, so remember that when using this method. It can generate traffic almost immediately; however it can be quite costly especially if you get into a bidding war. You can also pay for pay per click campaigns, which offer a limited time campaign for a new product. If you have the money to do this type of advertising, it can be very beneficial to you.

Google AdWords is a popular pay-per-click choice for this type of campaign. There is no cost to sign up, so there is no risk involved in case no one clicks on their link. Google AdWords allows users to set their own budget and caters the pay per click campaigns accordingly so that you will not have to pay for more than you can afford. These ads will appear at the top of the search results or on the side bar on the results page when people search keywords that are applicable to your website. You only pay per person that visits your website, and you can have numerous benefits from this. You can gain interest of new potential customers and grow sales on your website by getting such online visibility. Google AdWords can let you know how many people saw your ad and what percentage clicks your website link. You can also see the sales that were generated as a result of these ads.

Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, is the concept of increasing your website's visibility on search engines through the use of optimizing keywords that people are likely to search for, thus making them more viewable on the search engine's organic results. This is a process that can take some time to perfect, requiring the use of search engine research to learn how to maximize keywords. It can really take months or even years to perfect this and to start seeing results. This can be another expensive process, especially if you seek out contractors that specialize in this form of marketing. This is a beneficial method of promotion as this is the best way to be noticed on the front page of the search engine. Here are some tips on how to properly optimize your website.

Posting to Blogs and Forums of Related Subject can be an unexpected but very beneficial way to get your name out there. By guest blogging on another more popular blog, you can draw attention to your blog and website after a guest blogging post on a relevant topic. Becoming a regular commenter on forums that are of the same topic can also be a great way to draw attention to your website. The best part of this method of promotion is that it is one of the cheapest solutions out there.

Local Directory Listings is a great place to place your website if you are offering services or products in your area. People will only need to put in a service and their location and your website will be among the sites that appear. There are many free options for local directory listings.

Traditional Advertising methods include television, radio and in newspapers. These can add up to be incredibly expensive with no guarantee of results. This can only be a good option if you have disposable income to spare. However you can save money by keeping it to local radio advertising. Come up with a nice jingle, people will remember that jingle and call up your website on their smart phone to get more information right on the spot. From their, they can get more information which leads to the next step, a phone call and a sale!

YouTube is a very effective and inexpensive type of marketing. If you can create eye catching videos that appeal to potential customers, it can draw a lot of attention to your website. YouTube is free to set up accounts, so there is no risk involved.

Social Media is the easiest way to get the word out about your website. People can use hashtags to get your company trending if they are happy with your website. You can also buy pay per click ads on social media to increase your attention. Social media promotions can be as inexpensive or expensive as you can afford, but either way you can get great results.

There are many ways to set up a website, but once it is complete the real issues come with properly marketing and promoting your site. There are a wide variety of options to choose from for any budget in order to get you the promotion your business needs. Start with some promotional campaigns today to get your brand out there. If you need help in one of these areas please contact us for more information.