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ArticlesDisable Windows 7 Message "Publisher Could Not Be Verified"
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If you are running an executable file, do you ever get this message from Windows 7 (or Windows Vista) - "The Publisher Could Not Be Verified"? If it happens one time, it will happen every time you try to run an executable file that Windows thinks is not a safe program. It is a built in security thing with Windows.

Here is alternate way from my previous windows XP article for Windows 7 / Windows Vista systems of removing this security message:

Step 1: Open up Internet Explorer and go to "Tools -> Internet Options"

Step 2, 3 and 4: Click on "Security", then on "Internet", then on "Custom Level"

Step 5: Scroll down the list until you see "Launching Applications and Unsafe Files" and then select "Enable (not secure)" and then click OK

This should disable the "Publisher Could Not Be Verified" messages from appearing for that file type in the future.

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07/03/2015 - Thanks. After reading of many articles it only helps me on Windows XP SP3. - Aleks