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AKM Pro Shop for the professional ball driller!
Now there is a bowling software package with you in mind! AKM Pro Shop is a very simple, user-friendly bowling program that accurately keeps measurements for customers of your bowling Pro Shop business. It maintains customer records, hand and ball drilling(s) and allows you to print a wide variety of reports. It has all the tools necessary, organized to meet your needs. AKM Pro Shop has a proven track record of providing excellent long-term value for your dollar and we have been serving the bowling pro shop industry for over 20 years.

Point of Sales software for the bowling Pro Shop For information about our Point-of-Sale / Inventory software, please click here   
Below is a summary of features of each AKM Pro Shop screen:
bowling pro shop software

AKM Pro Shop Features:

Bowlers Hand Spec Info  Bowlers Hand Spec Info
Multiple Spec Cards  Multiple Spec Cards
Bowlers Personal Info.  Bowlers Personal Info.
Alphabetized Bowlers  Alphabetized Bowlers
Multiple Balls Info  Multiple Balls Info
Comprehensive Reports  Comprehensive Reports
Easy Customer Lookup  Easy Customer Lookup
Backup/Restore Data  Backup/Restore Data
Pop-up Phone Directory  Pop-up Phone Directory
Info. on your Pro Shop  Info. on your Pro Shop
Fractions/Thousands  Fractions/Thousands
Finger Spans  Finger Spans
Finger/Thumb Sizes  Finger/Thumb Sizes
Thumb Pitches  Thumb Pitches
Thumb/Finger Ovals  Thumb/Finger Ovals
Positive Axis Point  Positive Axis Point
Offset/CLT  Offset/CLT
Index/Pinky Measurement  Index/Pinky Measurement
Slug, Bevel, Insert  Slug, Bevel, Insert
Blank Entry Forms  Blank Entry Forms
Date/Measured By  Date/Measured By
Special Notes  Special Notes

**** Bowling Pro Shop Owner who used AKM Pro Shop ****
I like AKM Pro Shop because I dont need a very high end computer system to run it. It works beautifully on my current system. Also, versatility, reliability and simplicity are the keys to this program. It lets me concentrate on drilling the ball. I would recommend AKM Pro Shop to any serious Bowling Pro Shop owner ....Jeff Lizzo, Bowlers Touch II

bowling pro shop software

Who wants to waste good unproductive hours studying manuals on how to use a program instead of bringing in more business? Our goal was to make AKM Pro Shop so simple and straight forward that someone who is not naturally computer savy can pick up and use AKM Pro Shop with very little effort at all!
Additional AKM Pro Shop Screens.......
Bowler Personal Information Screen
bowling pro shop software

Screen Features
Enter Bowlers Name Enter Bowlers Name
Bowlers Address Bowlers Address
Bowlers Telephone # Bowlers Telephone #
Email Address Email Address
Average Average
Right/Left Handed Right/Left Handed
Type of Grip Type of Grip
Ball Roll Ball Roll
Ball Speed Ball Speed
Bowlers Style Bowlers Style
Ball Weight Ball Weight
Mailing List Mailing List
Date Entered Date Entered
Additional Notes Additional Notes
Saves Bowlers Info. Saves Bowlers Info.
Prints Bowlers Info. Prints Bowlers Info.
Delete Bowlers Info. Delete Bowlers Info.
Bowling Ball Information Screen
bowling pro shop software

Screen Features
Enter Ball Name Enter Ball Name
Ball Type/Color Ball Type/Color
Ball Surface Ball Surface
Initial Pin Location Initial Pin Location
Type of Drilling Type of Drilling
Drill Angle Drill Angle
VAL Angle VAL Angle
Used/New Ball Used/New Ball
Used Ball Info Used Ball Info
Associated Spec card Associated Spec card
Weights after drilling Weights after drilling
Multiple Ball Entry Multiple Ball Entry
Bowler's Style Bowler's Style
Additional Notes Additional Notes
Management Report Screen
bowling pro shop software

Screen Features
Select Individual Bowlers Select Individual Bowlers
Select Bowler by Hand Select Bowler by Hand
Display Desired Info Display Desired Info
Print Bowler's Cards Print Bowler's Cards
Print Bowler's Balls Print Bowler's Balls
Complete Bowler's Info Complete Bowler's Info
Print Mailing Labels Print Mailing Labels
Birthday Labels Birthday Labels
Mail Merge Friendly Mail Merge Friendly
Microsoft Compatible Microsoft Compatible
Preview Report Preview Report
Print Report Print Report
Categorized Help Screen
bowling pro shop software

Screen Features
Organized Help Topics Organized Help Topics
Simple/Easy to Read Simple/Easy to Read
Keypress to Access Keypress to Access
Accessable anywhere in program Accessable anywhere in program
Details all program functions Details all program functions
At the bottom of each AKM Pro Shop screen there are tips to aid you in learning the software. AKM Pro Shop also works well in conjunction with other bowling products on the market.

Once again, it has a proven track record and is designed to provide excellent long-term value for your dollar for your Pro Shop business. Our software is currently being used by a number of our Pro Shop customers for over two decades now.

If you are looking for bowling drill spec software that is designed to be very simple, fast, easy to use, extremely affordable that gets the job done quickly & efficiently then you do not need to look any further.
AKM Pro Shop Software Price: $229.00

*** There are no yearly fees with our software ***

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Purchase AKM Pro Shop and POS Pro Shop Together!

Software Combo Price: $429.00

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*** Orders will be fulfilled through a downloadable email link instead of post office mail ***
*** Please allow up to several hours for us to prepare your order and send you the email link ***

System Requirements:
bowling pro shop software bowling pro shop software  Works on Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/10/11
bowling pro shop software  Also Works on Microsoft Windows Surface Tablet with Windows 8
bowling pro shop software  Hard Drive (with a minimum of 500MB of free space)
bowling pro shop software  128 MB or more of RAM
bowling pro shop software  Mouse/Printer Recommended
bowling pro shop software  Standard VGA Monitor or more
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