AKM Pro Shop for the professional ball driller!
Now there is a simple point-of-sale software package for the Bowling Pro Shop along with other businesses!

POS Pro Shop is a simple, easy to use program that works with Microsoft Windows to allow you to maintain customers, take orders, track inventory and run a variety of reports. It is designed for quick access at your fingertips using simple key strokes, the mouse or a barcode scanner. Our software is fully compatible with the latest 64-bit Windows 7, 8 and 10 technology!

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This screen is the main screen. It allows you to take sales orders and navigate throughout other sections of the program. This can be done using the ease of use keyboard, mouse or using a bar code scanner.
POS Pro Shop Features:
  Create Sales Orders
  Maintain/Track Inventory
  Sales Order Reports
  Inventory Reports
  Re-Order Level Report
  End of Day Report
  Priority Customer Item Discount
  Print Sales Receipts
  Open Cash Drawer
  Shows Amount Tendered
  Calculates Cash Due
  Inventory Categories
  Referral Sources for Marketing
  Attach Company Logo
  Tax Exempt Sales
  Works with a Bar Code Scanner
  Entire Order Discounts
  User/Password Access
  Delivery Fees/Discount Rate
  Create/Track Gift Cards
  Export Reports to Excel CSV
  Link to AKM Pro Shop Customers
  Backup Database
  Restore Database

Additional POS Pro Shop Screens.......
Select Sale/Invoice Screen

Once you complete an invoice or a sale, you can use this screen to retreive the invoice/sale for lookup or exporting
Add/Edit Inventory

This screen allows you to add/edit/remove items from inventory. It also allows you to adjust stock for incoming items
Select Product from Inventory

This screen allows you to do a detailed search for a particular item while taking an order using this easy pop-up grid
Edit Customer Screen

Once you have saved an order, you can modify the customer information should anything change from here
Inventory/Item Sales Report

The reports section allows you to do a wide variety of reports on your sales and inventory. The screen above is mainly for tracking inventory. Which items are at the reorder level? It also shows cost and profit on sold items. It can also group each item by totals or show each change in quantity. There is also a sales report that shows what items have been sold belonging to a specific sales order. You also have the option to filter out on certain data.

Below is another sample report called "End of Day Sales Order Totals" Report:

End of Day Sales Order Totals

POS Pro Shop also has the ability to connect to your AKM Pro Shop customer database. That way when a customer walks in and wants a ball drilled for example, you enter his bowler and hand information in AKM Pro Shop. From there you can browse his name from POS Pro Shop, create a sale and print a receipt.

Also keep in mind, this software, by itelf, will work in other industries as well not just the bowling pro shop industry. Just be sure to download and evaluate our demo to be sure it fits your business needs!

In order for POS software to work with a cash draw, you will need to be able to click a shortcut or run a command to open the cash draw first. This is set up through your cash draw software! You then program the cash draw button by copying that command into our settings!

POS Pro Shop Software Price: $239.00

*** There are no yearly fees with our software ***

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Purchase Both POS Pro Shop and AKM Pro Shop Together!

Software Combo Price: $429.00

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System Requirements:
  Works on Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/10
  Also Works on Microsoft Windows Surface Tablet with Windows 8
  Hard Drive (with a minimum of 500MB of free space)
  128 MB or more of RAM
  Mouse/Printer Recommended
  Standard VGA Monitor or more

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